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Meet Madison Thompson

A personal trainer  with a passion to inspire and motivate people to take that step and start a new healthy lifestyle!

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Madison Thompson,

Founder and Creator of Bold Behavior Fitness LLC. Bold Behavior Fitness was created June 1, 2019 with its clientele growing rapidly. Servicing surrounding areas within North Carolina and has been spotted in numerous gym locations. She has always been very athletic, playing a plethora of sports for years, soccer in particular. Madison has always had a passion for the health and the fitness industry. Being an athlete birthed her interest of the human body and further intrigued her on how brilliant our bodies are. She is also Mindfulness Certified. Her goal is to share endless knowledge, a new lifestyle with others to help motivate them to begin or continue their health journey. Madison prides herself, to go above and beyond for all new and current trainee’s to make this rather temporary decision a life long lifestyle. Bold Behavior Fitness has became very popular on social media platforms, such as on Instagram and Twitter, gaining recognition daily. Fitness Training has always been a love and passion, as well as helping others get their dream body and meet their ultimate health goal.

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